Certificates and attestations

PRŮMSTAV has implemented management systems compliant with standards ČSN EN ISO 9001, ČSN EN ISO 14001 and ČSN ISO 45001 and with the Quality Council of the Czech Republic’s standard “Corporate Social Responsibility Management System” ČSN 01 0391.

Having complied with requirements as per Section 53 (basic qualification requirements) and Section 54 (professional qualification requirements) of Act No. 137/2006 of the Czech Legislative Code, on public procurement, as amended, PRŮMSTAV was entered in the Register of qualified suppliers of the Ministry for Regional Development, in accordance with Section 125 et seq. of the Public Procurement Act.

The National Security Authority of the Czech Republic (NBÚ) has issued the “Certificate of Entrepreneur” to PRŮMSTAV which authorises the company to access classified information up to the level of Confidential.

PRŮMSTAV has also been certified to access information classified as Confidential by the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB).