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Building engineering

Our company has been operating in the field of building engineering for many years and has accumulated vast experience. Yet we don’t rely on experience alone. We also follow the latest trends and apply modern knowledge and technologies in our work. We carry out our construction projects all over the country. We act either as the main contractor, delivering the complete project, or as a subcontractor. Our projects include both new constructions and reconstructions of existing structures. We build residential houses, hotels, office buildings, public facilities, industrial complexes and more.

Monolithic structures

Our monolithic structures centre is a synonym for modern trends in the field in the country. To both corporate and individual clients, the centre offers the hiring out of concrete casting formwork, the production of rebars and metalworking and carpentry workshop services. The centre also possesses both fixed and mobile cranes, a range of freight vehicles and other machinery. It also hires out temporary on-site buildings and storage containers. The centre can deliver in any segment of building engineering and beyond – both for our own company and for third-party customers.

Design-Build construction

The Design-Build approach is a method whereby the customer contracts a single entity for both the design and construction phases of their project. The Design-Build method thus covers the whole process, including all stages of documentation, design and engineering, right up to the final approval for use. When this method is used, the contractor assumes responsibility for the relevant project documentation while the customer only specifies the desired purpose, standards, relevant scopes and other criteria, such as delivery deadlines, for example. We take care of the rest.

Rebar mill

Our portfolio of facilities includes a monolithic structures centre operating from its Prefa Pro base in Zápy. The centre includes a rebar mill as well as metalworking and carpentry workshops. It hires out temporary on-site buildings, storage containers, freight vehicles, construction site machinery and cranes. The rebar mill offers steel bar cutting and bending to order for individuals (when building a family house or a fence) as well as for extensive projects requiring thousands of tonnes of rebars (central sewage treatment plant in Prague). We will be happy to cut, bend and even braid rebars as required.